Live art


Lullaby is a gift to a city, a surround sound illuminated artwork, made by its own citizens and delivered at dusk to the public’s door. Cycling through the back streets and passing many homes, the orchestra delivers an artistic visual and musical experience to the children of a city. Since 2013

Park and Slide

In 2014 this giant 90m slide was installed on Park Street in Bristol. Enabling the public to navigate the streets of their city in a new way, the slide is a simple architectural intervention, an almost childlike creative response to the urban landscape. 2014

Play Me, I'm Yours

Street pianos are appearing in cities across the world. Located in parks and squares, precincts, bus shelters and train stations, outside schools and football grounds, the pianos are for any member of the public to enjoy and claim ownership of. Since 2008 ongoing.

Sky Orchestra

A performance artwork involving 7 hot air balloons with speakers attached creating a vast surround sound experience. Flying over a city at dawn the music is designed to sculpt the dreams of the sleeping public below. This link takes you to a special Sky Orchestra site where you can see and listen to flights. Ongoing Since 2003.

21 Piano Nocturne

Evening performance using a circle of 21 upright pianos. Elements of the music will be passed from one piano to the next both around and across the circle. There may be 21 pianos playing at once and at times only one. A new composition inspired by Chopin’s music and his life is being written by Richard Causton. 2010

Dream Concert

Participants of a mass Dream Concert explore the perceptual locations of sleep in a safe communal atmosphere. Sounds are played to participants at intervals throughout the night in an attempt to direct the content of our guest's dreams. Research for the Sky Orchestra. 2004-2007

Falling Man

Jerram's performative work in microgravity aboard a parabolic flight, Star City, Russia. 2008

Interpretation Figure

A specialist light suit created for a performance and photographic artwork commissioned by Enable for Electric Pavilion, Watershed. 2010

Video Christmas Cards

Video Christmas cards created for Seasonal exhibition, Illuminate, Bristol. 2010